DIY Cartoon Sand Painting
DIY Cartoon Sand Painting
DIY Cartoon Sand Painting
DIY Cartoon Sand Painting

DIY Cartoon Sand Painting

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  • Sand painting world, do it yourself, unlimited creativity!

  • Creating with a variety of colored sand can cultivate children's ability to use colors.

  • The sand painting patterns have cartoon characters, animals and landscapes.

  • Children can be trained to observe and imagination of children of things.

  • The painting process is also a very good endurance training process.


  1. Use a bamboo stick to pick out the self-adhesive surface paper to be colored, and sprinkle the colored sand after the rubber surface is exposed; (usually pick the outline first and sprinkle the dark colored sand)
  2. After shaking evenly, gently knock off the excess sand;
  3. Then pick out other parts and sprinkle the corresponding colored sand.


  • Material: Paper; sand
  • Size: 20.7*27.6CM
  • Pattern: 9 options (random delivery)
  • Package: 1/3/5 * DIY Cartoon Sand Paintings


  • Young children must be accompanied by an adult to avoid the fine sand from injuring the baby.
  • It is recommended to spread a large newspaper before playing, so that it is easy to clean later.